Friday, July 22, 2011

it's dino time

Bomb in Oslo? Yawn.

For fuck's sake, when will these mummies  boys ever learn? WE DON'T CARE! The world has VAST problems ahead of it and your decadent, babyish gestures are pathetic.

Terrorists are all mummies' boys scum, brought up by priviledged parents, paid to get through uni, discover Marx, 'Jesus', some twat mullah or Hitler and, to gain kudos with their drug-addled, low IQ chums, start dabbling in explosives. Oh well, they're never going to get girlfriends, pets or jobs so why not take all their uselessness out on the rest of us?

Destroying is easy, creating is difficult. The mummies' boys ALWAYS take the easy way, never dare venture outside their safety zone.

And such cowards! They don't dare take on a big, serious country, but a little, uninvolved, quiet country like Norway. A PAGAN country for fuck's sake!

We ALL have a common enemy - the transition from oil to whatever comes after, and all whilst the planet's being ravaged by climate change. You mummies' boy Marxist islamic twats are a waste of space and have missed the point big time. Not one of you will survive the transition, you'll be crying your little baby eyes out when your allowance cheques dry up and you can't afford to fly or drive anywhere. Wankers.
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