Friday, March 04, 2011


There's been a parade of idiots this week! A couple of days ago a group of real skanky humourless looking chavs took a petition to 10 Downing Street claiming that fuel prices were too high and would the government kindly subsidise their anti-social behaviour and spread its costs on to general taxation. Morons. Listen you fucks - petrol and diesel is incredibly CHEAP. Make the most of it because prices are going to skyrocket over the next decade and most of you will not be able to get fuel at ANY price. Get used to it.

Whilst here in Bristol a bunch of equally chav dinosaurs were celebrating our spineless council's pathetic attempt at keeping the past going by authorising a new Sainsbury's supermarket. The chavs are some football team supporters who seem to think that this is a green light to build a new stadium. Miles from the railway!!

The best thing about Ashton Gate is that it has its own railway station, currently unused but easy to reopen (it's on what will be the extremely busy and profitable Portishead line) which is obviously Sainsbury's main criteria for grabbing this site at a knock down price. Not that supermarkets have a long term future, but it may keep customers coming for a few more years after oil, and will of course make it easy to bring in fresh stock.

All in all a bit of an anachronistic week!
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Lemsip said...

I like your definition of 'chav'. To me they are not working class people or people on benefits but people from any class who spend beyond their means and are incapable of doing anything for themselves so they have to buy stuff instead.