Thursday, March 24, 2011

fool prices

(Copyright Steve Sainsbury Collection/Rail Thing)

George Osborne - yet another socialist trying to keep consumerism going. Pathetic. Why are British politicians so frightened to let the price mechanism determine the pace of the change from oil to renewables? Why keep subsidising gormless motorists rather than let the market dictate quicker pick up of mass transit development and change the amount we drive?

And what do you make of the BBC giving air time to idiots (of the conspiracy theory persuasion) whimpering that garages put up fuel by 1p a litre yesterday morning as if they had foreknowledge of what was probably the biggest surprise in the budget? What world do these dickheads live in and why do the BBC pander to them?

So the idiocracy continues to get ludicrously cheap petrol, still go for growth and still push their bullshit conspiracy theories.

Never have I felt so needed or wanted!
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