Saturday, March 26, 2011

barricades ...

Seething. There is some socialist dinosaur twat scumbag currently whingeing on about how it's the workers in the country who create the wealth, not the entrepreneurs. We should bring the gallows back for these maniacs.

This is of course a response to the disgraceful scenes in London where some scumbag prats have got it into their tiny brains that Fortnum and Masons is a legitimate 'target' for their 'protests'. This is because in their middle class world anyone who is not a lifelong student and member of the Socialist Workers' Party is some elitist, Eton-educated git.

Alongside the dinosaur was a very sound fellow who bore an uncanny resemblance to Paul Whitehouse and made the BRILLIANT point that if we (that is mainly the public service workers) continue to pay ourselves for doing fuck all we are stealing money from our kids and their kids. This should have shut the lefty up but of course it went through one ear and out the other two.

I am proud to say that I attended both the Poll Tax events in the 80s. But I went because I DESPISED Thatcher and her socialistic policies. These fat, soft, tory scum that now go on protests are opportunist lowlifes of the idiocracy.

In this case we should have taken a leaf out of the soon-to-be-late Colonel's book and GUNNED the fuckers down!
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