Friday, April 03, 2009

getting it wrong

All this international gallavanting that our 'leaders' are currently boring us with is all well and good, but what really is the point?

You have crusty fuckers outside whingeing about capitalism and praising marxism missing the point totally. Marxism died in 1990, it's never coming back. And the 'problem' isn't capitalism, which is the finest economic system ever devised, but marxist-light politicians interfering with the market because they simply can't believe it's all over.

It's the availability of oil that is causing this crunch. Our leaders are floundering about trying to engineer a recession to hide the fact that Peak Oil has already hit us. The $140 a barrel oil price scared them shitless - the only outcome had to be a recession whilst they figured out what on earth they could do. The market was sending such a strong signal that the party was over that the consumer-lovers had to do something ...

They triggered a media circus that saw first hedge fund managers, then bankers, as the 'problem'. All the time the oil price was falling as was demand, which got the Saudis out of a hole as it can hide the fact that their oil wells are drying up. Our new breed of politicians - Obama, Brown, Sarkozy, Merkel et al - grin inanely as they see power flooding to them. Idiots like Brown continue to plan their anti-liberal measures such as ID cards so that as things break down, as the consumer dream is shattered, our benevolent masters can control us.

Fuck 'em all.
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Pee wee the kiwi said...

Back in the 70s HANOI JANE told a bunch of university student that they should all hope and PRAY ON THEIR KNEES that we,ll become a communists nation THATS ONE REASON WHY IM BOYCOTTING ALL HER PUTRID MOVIES

Sunshiner said...

Bloody hell, have you come through a timewarp or something? I doubt that more than 1% of my (amazingly cool) readership would even know who 'Hanoi' Jane was!! You hippies are such fun. You smoked so much weed back in the 60s and 70s you're stuck 3 decades in the past! Bloody communists.

PS What are your other reasons? You're not gay are you? I'd hardly describe Barberella as putrid LOL!!