Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the death of the green party

I've been hearing some very interesting and disturbing stuff from local Bristol Green Party friends. It appears that the Green Party in Bristol are talking about discussing the possibility of trying to do deals with a shabby outfit called 'Respect', carving up wards in Bristol and offering not to stand against each other. If true this would be a disaster.

What on Earth does the Green Party have in common with a rag-tag bunch of whingeing London middle-class lefties?? Nothing, as far as I can see.

But, apparently, they are like twins. People will happily vote for either. Well, I wouldn't. If I found a 'Respect' Party candidate in Hartcliffe I'd probably turn the community gun on them. At the very least they would get a serious kicking. That's if somebody else decent hadn't beaten me to them ...

I HATE socialism. It was a system devised by middle-class losers to punish successful people. In all its forms, wherever it has sprung up, it has brought nothing but poverty, ignorance and often death. From Lenin through Hitler and Thatcher to Blair and Bush, socialists have laid the world bare. The fact is that the world would be a better place without politicians and politics. It has created this mad consumer society, taken away our historic freedoms and has hampered business development. It tries to mould us all as perfect, consuming, citizens. It throws us madness like christianity, Gareth Gates and soaps, it tries to shepherd our kids into the whole industrial treadmill from the age of 5, keeping them indoors and teaching them stuff they'll never need. This is the sytem the Green Party supports.

Socialism only had an existence in a world where the economy could endlessly grow. Those days have finished, but Bristol Green Party don't seem to have noticed. To provide champagne for everybody, the socialists' stated aim, was impossible even in a growing economy, let alone a contracting one.

I've been a Green Party member on and off for 22 years. What attracted me originally was their radical vision. Yes, they had one once!! 'Neither left or right, but Green' was the slogan. No wonder we joined in droves.

That seems like a different world now. These new 'greens' want to do mad socialist stuff like renationalize the railways!! Railways should be owned by the communities and people they serve, not by the same sort of fucking bureaucrats that destroyed our system in the 60s. Barbara Castle, socialist, was the most evil sow ever. In fact there were even calls for me to be thrown out of the Green Party a few years ago because I dared to suggest they look at the local ownership idea for railways. Oh no, they wanted them to be run by distant civil servants. They even happily exhibit the authoritarian streak that socialists love.

I was brought up in a socialist family. I was taught to hate business, the royal family and foreigners. Foreigners started at Emsworth and Dorking. I still hate the royal family - more socialists living on the state rather than working for a living. Foreigners and business are cool.

And now the Green Party are considering (or at least talking about considering) disenfranchising large swathes of Bristol's voters. It would be like taking away a Mars Bar and replacing it with a pile of dog poo.

So the Green Party dies by its own hand, absorbed by the very socialist system that it originally set out to destroy. Perhaps all those environmental votes will go to the BNP ...
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Bird of Paradise said...

Green wackos acting like wackos its never ending

Sunshiner said...

You miss the point. It's the socialists taking over the Green parties that's the problem. Greens are pretty sound, common sense and anti-socialist, that's probably why they were targetted by the hippies. The Green Party needs to be far more ruthless in keeping this scum out.