Tuesday, April 14, 2009

fear and loathing

So people are now more 'fearful' than ever are they?

What fucking drivel.

And what are they fearful of? Drastic climate change, the end of cheap oil?

Are they fuck ...

They are worried about (LOL!) TERRORISM.

It's 2009. Terrorism was one of the first victims of this Depression. Terrorism was a bit of middle-class fun for middle-class twats. It was irrelevant in 1970, it is absolutely pointless now. Yet our leftie Daily Mail readers still take it all in, programmed by their glorious leader Brown, in the hope they'll meekly accept ID cards and more limits on our freedoms.

You gormless lower middle class sheep are pathetic. You should be ruthlessly culled. Now there's something else for you to be fearful of.

Imagine how healthy our society would be if we began to use selective culling of scum.
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