Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Well, despite the diabetes and B12 problems I can still manage an all-nighter on election night!

We stocked up with apple pie, pretzels, popcorn and Bud and celebrated the end of socialism in the USA.

What a night! Has there ever been such a political contrast in the US? Dipstick old-money socialist Bush being replaced by the urbane and charismatic Obama. Obama v McCain was never going to be a fair contest, particularly after McCain amazingly brought in the practically Mongoloid Sarah Palin as running mate. What a total joke she was - the Obama camp must have laughed all night when she started spouting her commie rot.

What an example to the world too. The US from being a pariah state and bully can now transform itself into a world leader. Who would ever have thought that of the US? Obama's plans for a Green Energy transformation is a first step in allowing the US to survive the 21st century. The end of dependence on oil and a genuine desire to tackle climate change are the two main pillars on which the US transformation need to be built. If Obama starts talking about citizens learning new skills and crafts and wiping out the debt economy who knows where the US will end up? And how about tying the dollar to gold again - that would be a stroke of genius.

Who knows ... one day even the UK may get a black prime minister, or even its first woman one!
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