Saturday, November 08, 2008

police state advances

Look at this, received today. The first sentence is the telling one.

If you doubted you were living in a Stalinist state this should open your eyes. How dare Tesco, a PRIVATE company, give PRIVATE information to a government organisation.

How did this happen? Through a so-called 'loyalty' card. Loyalty to whom? Certainly not its customers.

The stupidest thing is that we've always had a TV license. The 'misunderstanding' comes from the fact that Debs has changed her name since getting married. This is the one good thing that comes out of this - Brown's attempts to become Big Brother will always be scuppered by the sheer stupidity of the sort of people that would not feel ashamed of doing such 'work'!

Needless to say Tesco will no longer get a penny of our money.
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James Barlow said...

To be fair to Tesco, this is nothing to do with Club Cards - they are required by law to report sales of devices that can receive television signals.

The specific instruction from "TV Licensing" is:

The Wireless Telegraphy Act 1967 (as amended) states that you are required by law to tell us when you sell or rent any television set as well as many other items of TV receiving equipment.

This includes the sale or rental of any of the following items (whether new or second hand):

* TV set
* DVD or video recorder
* Digital box
* PC (including laptop) with TV card
* TV card

You must notify us within 28 days of each transaction, providing full details of the buyer or hirer.

(Although mobile phones may be used to watch and record television programmes, you are not required to tell us when you sell these.)

Sunshiner said...

I think you've missed the point. Tesco garnered this information through details it held for us on our Club card - they did not ask us for these details. This is typical of our creeping police state, with the government and companies - both organisations run by inferior, left-wing types - working secretly to gather information just for the sake of it. It's pathetic.