Wednesday, November 12, 2008

strange days

I'm a third of the way into a course of 6 injections which will replenish my B12 - my diabetes medicine has basically destroyed my ability to get this any other way. So after the 6 it will be an injection every 3 months to stop me getting dementia!

Out there things are getting madder by the day, with the Bank of England determined to destroy the pound - I reckon we'll be using the Euro within two years, though hopefully local currencies will flourish as well. The election of Obama is a bright point, but more because power in the US has switched to my generation rather than in any hope that he'll be able to solve the big financial problems. Suddenly, at least in the US, politics is cool again, and climate change and peak oil will now be firmly on the agenda, even if a little late!

Our next trip away is to St Moritz at the start of December. We're flying to Geneva, then taking the train (first class of course!) right across Switzerland. The snow's already down so it should be nice and yuley! I've got this really cute little mini-laptop so, providing we can load the software, I'll be able to report and blog from St Moritz! Fortunately I foresaw the fall in the pound so got our Swiss Francs at a good price!
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