Wednesday, March 12, 2008

there's always one!

This week's Moneyweek carried - without comment - a short piece referring to Nansen Saleri's article in the Wall Street Journal claiming that the Peak is still 40 or 50 years off. This is dangerous (and terribly unprofessional) stuff, balm to soothe the nerves of the nostalgists, but dangerous ground for anyone trying to make sensible investment decisions NOW for a future that we know is going to be scary without cheap oil.

I always listen to what the 'enemy' come up with. So I checked it out. It was pretty clear from the scant information in the Moneyweek article that this bloke was of the cornucopian school, people that simply don't want to face up to the truth and are prepared to be liberal with the truth to fit their own agenda - remember Climate Change Deniers??

This is the fairest dissection of Saleri's drivel!

The problem for many of the oil forever hippies is that they underestimate us. They ran with climate change denial for so long because the meteorologists really couldn't be bothered with having to talk down to them. But economists and geologists are a tougher bunch! I never realised when studying economics a few years back that I'd be thrust into such an enticing battle - but I'm glad I am.

People are scared. They are already dealing with the very real effects of climate change, now they're heading into the first recession of the post Peak Oil Age, they've had it so good for so long they don't want to face the truth. I suspect Peak Oil Denial will last at least another 10 to 15 years, longer than Climate Change Denial, because it can be buried within complex noise within the economic system.

As always - invest in gold, silver, land, forestry, oil and learn real skills, gather tools and seeds, buy that defensible small property and make strong links in your community.
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