Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the chickens are clucking

Wow. Down 4% Monday, up 3% Tuesday. The markets are all over the place. This is possibly the start of the first stage of the Collapse. We've been living a fantasy of consumption for the last 20 years, fuelled by easy credit and imaginary house price rises. Already many are cutting back on their credit cards. Unemployment and repossessions are howling from the wings. We have probably the worst possible government for the coming challenges. Today some stupid big aeroplane landed in London - a sure sign that things are on the verge. And mainstream TV is already talking about Depression - recession is old news ...

We all have to draw in the shutters, get rid of all our debts as quickly as possible and begin to think in terms of looking after ourselves first and fuck the rest, or at least those outside of our immediate communities. This is all happening a bit too fast.

Don't sell your gold and silver yet! But it may be worth looking for a safe place to hide it in the woods somewhere.

Can't wait till the markets open tomorrow!
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