Monday, March 17, 2008

got £3 million - want to lose it?

This was, amazingly, in YESTERDAY'S Independent.

Think about it - this stretch of coast is the most vulnerable in the UK. We flew over it coming back from Prague and it looked so fragile you wanted to hug it.

All of this will be permanently under water within decades. This has nothing to do with sea level rise (that's a little extra) but the effect of land tilting since the last ice age, which results in this part of the country sinking by about a foot a century. Already parts of this coastline are being abandoned.

I suppose the seller hopes there's some mug out there - perhaps a Sun-reading socialist lottery winner, a racist who's inherited cash or one of those wonderful climate change/peak oil denier hippies - who's stupid enough to fork out the cash.

Perhaps Joe Lewis can cash in his Bear Stearns shares and buy it??
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