Thursday, November 02, 2006

wanton vandalism

The long-awaited and crowed about by the middle class snobs demolition of Symes Avenue, Hartcliffe has begun, with nary a protest from those who are going to be most affected by it. In a month or so this will all be gone, and a shiny new pointless Morrisons will be in its place.

This is what I call a post office, stark modernist prefabricated architecture crowned by razor wire complementing the tower block in the background, together giving a homely atmosphere of neo-classical ease with life. Will Morrison's match this? I doubt it. Will they even celebrate the Hartcliffe Riots? Look at the average supermarket manager, all pallid pie-flab, dark suits, novelty ties and suppurating moles, and I somehow doubt it. Mumm-Ra should write a song about this, vicious vicious games of Buckaroo with a chorus featuring Matthew the duck.

Wulf peers into an Iceland freezer at Symes for the first (and probably last) time.

And carries off the long-promised six pack of Lucozade like a prize.

Yet another demise of local shops for a faceless supermarket. Will the fuckers ever learn? Posted by Picasa

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