Tuesday, November 07, 2006

bleating from the holy lambs ...

The new Yule stamps are out today and very nice they are too - I bought my village post office's complete stock!

Within a few hours of being issued the christians were already whingeing that they 'aren't christian'.

Read my lips - they aren't christian because Yule is a Pagan festival idiots!!

The sad thing is that every second year our Yule stamps do have christian symbols - and if you look carefully even many of the 'secular' stamps have a bit of the invader's religion added - the £1.19 value issued today for example has a star on the top of the tree, an allusion to the so called star of Bethlehem, part of the christian myth. In previous years the 'secular' stamps often have a church on at least one of the values. Last year's 'christian' abominations even had the brass neck to impose christianity on other religions - the 60p Hindu stamp being the prime example!

It should be the good Pagans, the daft athiests and the sensible couldn't-care-lessists who should be moaning, not a minority tribe of bigots, prudes, divs and foreigners.

Let's declare that from next year Yule stamps should show Pagan imagery celebrating the solstice and the lengthening days ahead, and let's return Yule to the people that respect it, not have it snatched from us by those that just a few centuries ago thought the best way with dealing with our BRITISH religion was to burn its followers alivePosted by Picasa

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