Wednesday, November 29, 2006

the real farepak victims are our ears

All this bleating and whingeing about Farepak is really beginning to wind me up.

This was the scenario - a bunch of losers lent money (for NO interest!!) to a multi-layered company for hampers that, on average, could have been put together elsewhere for half the price. The company then diverted these idiots' money to other parts of the group that were cash-poor. When the inevitable crash came who gets blamed? Not the financially-illiterate fools that think there's a free lunch, but the business people who were sharp enough to divert the money! Communism and the victim culture is still rife in the UK. Thatcherism still struggles on despite its ousting throughout eastern Europe since 1990.

The fact is far too many people in the UK are money-blind. They spend their lives borrowing against expected future income (in an increasingly uncertain economy) and waste billions on financial products that are little more than legalised robbery.

And what are the Farepak 'victims' doing now? Borrowing from dodgy unsecured credit firms to finance their yuletides! They don't think to be frugal this year, or only use money they actually ALREADY have ... they keep jumping on the treadmill 'cos they're too thick to appreciate what's going on.And they expect US to contribute to some sort of rescue fund? They've got to be joking ...

And if our poor ears get this much grief from a minor episode like this, how high will the shrill decibels go when the roosters really come home and house prices start crashing and repos go through the roof?

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