Monday, September 11, 2006

slacker ...

A few months ago I had one measly blogsite and was still wet behind the ears. Now I've got five and the downside is that when I'm really busy (more often than not these days!) I don't manage to post every day!

So apologies to those of you that keep signing on here and find the same old post!

It's been one of those weeks, what with posing alongside a tory MP and the Shadow Minister for Culture on the loco (above) at Midsomer Norton and preparing for some DJ stints over the next few weeks, as well as school restarting and having to earn a few quid! And this coming week is even busier with a whole day at the railway tomorrow, a day with Trin on Wednesday and a big cross-country trip to Essex to pick up a Landrover on Friday, plus a gig at the weekend. And all this at an age when sensible (if boring) fuckers are winding down ready for retirement! Posted by Picasa

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