Monday, September 04, 2006

bye bye red bull ... never again?

Making way to Heaven's Gate through the remains of the (abandoned) day.

Wulf in the circle - sad tents and portaloos behind ...

Impressionistic view over Longleat.

Wulf poses in front of the (unused) VIP tent.

A nice walk up to Heaven's Gate where we found the sad remains of yesterday's ridiculous and unsuccessful 'Red Bull' day.

After four days of having to endure endless 'buzzes' by rich fools in silly planes, the big day dawned on Saturday with rain, drizzle, dullness and strong winds. Despite it being obvious to anyone with the IQ of an ant or above that the show would be abandoned due to the weather, THOUSANDS of oddballs and Londoners in their stupid cars descended on Longleat. They were stuck in traffic for HOURS in the rain. There was not a sound of planes as we sat comfortably in our cottages!

After the walk to
Heaven's Gate we called in the Bath Arms. Outside was a car with the numberplate 'R BULL', no doubt Mr Bull was hiding in the pub drowning his sorrows. With a vodka and red bull perhaps? Posted by Picasa

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