Sunday, September 17, 2006

green transport as we hit peak oil

Well it had to happen. With Peak Oil/Climate Change effects becoming more visible every day I had to get something that will still keep going as the roads break up, the storms and snows hit and everything gets wilder. The Escort Convertible just wouldn't be up to the job.

So this is the new baby, a 1978 Series III Land Rover 88, as tough as old boots and will get me anywhere I need to go or flee to.

And yes, I've had a few comments from the 'Green' brigade. They miss the point - we ain't going to save middle-class society by munching a few lentils, getting a fuel-efficient car and building a chemical toilet in the cabbage patch. Those days are long gone, we missed that chance. 'Green' politics are dead. Anita Roddick is an octogenarian eccentric with a head full of woodpeckers, Jonathan Porritt flaps around trying to tinker with things as they are, the Green Party becomes more and more of a home (of the residential kind) for balding bearded lefties who won't last an hour when things break down, and the true spearheads of post Peak Oil and Global Heating are hard headed capitalist pragmatists who won't blanche at discomfort and excitement as the suburbs and cities implode.

At the same time we learn that 46% of 'business' people think climate change has been blown up out of proportion. LOL! Business people? They're idiots! Fact is that what the media etc have been trumpeting as climate change is just the first soft steps towards climate breakdown, as positive feedbacks really begin to kick in. Rather than being blown up out of proportion it's been watered down so that the chavs, lemmings and luvvies don't get too frightened. Genocide will seem like a kids' party when the real effects kick in! Posted by Picasa

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