Saturday, April 08, 2006

Playlist 1 - Norfolk Broads April 2006

It's important to match the music with the place, and we packed the following for our week's cruising on the Norfolk Broads. Most played album was easily The Mitchell Brothers A Breath of Fresh Attire.

The Specials Singles The Specials 1991 Crysalis
Jazz & Cinema Vol 2 Various 2000 Universal (France)
Pet Sounds The Beach Boys 2001 Capitol
A Breath of Fresh Attire The Mitchell Brothers 2005 The Beats Recordings
Baraba BavaRio 2001 Lawine (German Import)
Hold Your Colour Pendulum 2005 Breakbeat
O Samba Various 1989 Luaka Bop
Set Yourself On Fire Stars 2005 Arts And Crafts International
Mahler Fifth Symphony Berliner Philarmoniker 2002 EMI
Muzsikas Marta Sebestyen 1987 Hungaraton (Hungarian Import)

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