Sunday, November 06, 2011

a working class view on too thick to fail

The middle class bone idle 'protestors' currently infecting St Pauls and various other locations around the world - generously paid for by US, the taxpayers - are a very tightly-knit bunch of upper middle class low achievers who live only to cause trouble and are selfish to a point beyond psychosis.

They won't listen to me, as being working class I am an untermensch, a subhuman. The Nazi philosophy behind this 'movement' is sickening. They are classist, racist, authoritarian and ambitious for power over the rest of us. They are opportunist thugs, a blend of the SA and the Bullendon Club. They DARE to try to lump us in with them, disgustingly calling us (and they doubtless include me - and you - in this) the 99%. For we must ALL be the same, think as one.

They blame the wrong target - the idiot bankers who are the biggest beneficiaries of this horrible socialism every western government has been practising for years, rather than the governments themselves, and their thoughtless supporters.

Now, the solution. Empty these Waitrose refugee camps, by force if necessary. They bring shame on us all. Take the details of all the participants and their supporters, stop their benefits, and deport any that don't belong. Send the remaining ones to compulsory lessons on economics and capitalism, and give each of them seed capital (as a loan) to start a business. Let them understand Peak Oil and Climate Change (two terms I doubt any of them have ever heard) so they can see just how difficult the future will be. Educate these idiots, so they can become valuable members of society, rather than the dregs.

And will they listen? Of course not. I'm working class, this is nothing to do with me. This is middle class types playing games with other middle class types, the real 99%. It's up to the 1%, the working class, the artists, writers, professionals, craftsmen, businesspeople etc, to sort this mess out.

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fernrivas said...

Wow, that's a lot of frustration there!!

I don't believe these guys wanted to look down on you

It's not about looking up or looking down, thinking all the same or each hanging to their thoughts for their life

You need: to get better sources of information, (they can help wiht that), get better at exchanging ideas in a non-violent non-defensive way

This is about collective thinking, and collective action. Respect is a must

And we are all learning. So, onone has really the answer .... as yet


Good luck