Sunday, September 04, 2011

toxic tories abandon scotland

It's finally dawning on the tories (after all, they are rather slow) that they need to change their act in Scotland. When I lived up there the tories had one MP - seems that's still all they've got.

Why? Well the Scots aren't stupid for a start. And they are their own people. Why would they vote tory?

As an openly unionist party the tories are always going to reward England first, that's where their remaining support is.

But the world's moved on from Queen Victoria and Rudyard Kipling. The Scottish tories seem to have realised that, and their main candidate for leadership of the Scottish tories - surely the most thankless and activity-free job in the western world - says he'll be changing the name of the party when he wins. The tory name is just too toxic.

This is  another sigh that the UK is beginning to fragment at all levels. The tories are of course toxic at all levels and in all parts of the UK. Thatcher basically destroyed them. Yes, I know the tories currently are in government, but only as part of a coalition. We have a tory Prime Minister but he's little more than a buffoon. And ANY party could have won against the dreadful 'New Labour' rabble.

Here is Wessex we are primarily a Liberal Democrat area. There are a few tories, more Labour MPs. As the UK fractures England itself will, along lines that are already forming. There are regionalist and even separatist groups in all parts of England, taking their lead from the nationalists in Scotland, Wales, Ciornwall and, to a lesser extent, Northern Ireland. Whilst the regionalist parties and groups are part of the future, the fracturing of the big London-based parties will be a further sign that we are moving forwards. Scotland, once again, is leading the way.
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