Sunday, September 25, 2011

oh dear Obama

Do you remember all the euphoria when Obama got elected? There was going to be change in the world, the US was going to throw off its Third World mentality and become an equal member of the global 'community'. The US was going to become a  normal country.

So what is the US now, a few years along the line? Well an almost certainly innocent man was executed last week, despite all the evidence showing he was not to blame. The relatives of the person killed said they were 'justice had been done'! Hardly, if the person that did it is still walking around free. Nothing learned there then.

And what of the economy? Has Obama created the sustainable society that the US needs? Not at all. He's still trying the old socialist trick of printing money to keep the plebs in their place surrounded by consumer tat, in an environment going downhill all the time.

And as for the US in the world - they still blunder from crisis to crisis missing the point spectacularly. They still think the problem is terrorism, a dying middle class pursuit if ever there were one, rather than the real horrors of Peak Oil and Climate Change.

Perhaps there are just too many hippies in the USA, all growed up and in positions of power and influence. The (clearly insane) christian preachers, the corporate unimaginative types, the trailer park white trash, all marginalising, by their very ubiquity, those who would see new ways to get through the future.

Because that's the crux of it. The future won't be designed by weak and well-meaning politicians, old style corporate buffoons, christians willing an apocalypse or the great unwashed, but by individuals willing to embrace an energy-poor, wild weather enhanced future. The sad  thing is that many of these future leaders ARE from the US, but are drowned out by the far more common socialist hordes, who want nothing more than endless economic growth, a house full of crap and a tree that sprouts ever common US dollars ...

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