Sunday, August 28, 2011

wake up call?

It looks like Hurricane Irene may not be quite as devastating as initially expected BUT surely it's time for the US to start taking Global Warming seriously (as if Katrina wasn't enough!)

The general concensus is that this hurricane has taken this more northerly path because the sea temperatures are unusually high along the NE coast - 1 to 3 degrees F.

Hurricanes have of course taken similar routes before, in 1938 for example. But that hurricane took that course because of the way pressure systems were aligned, it had nothing to do with sea water temperatures.

Of course if this temperature anomaly is to become a regular feature then the NE will need to prepare for more hurricanes. If anything the sea temperatures will continue to rise. In fact it's this particular signal - sea temperature rise - that is the clearest and least ambiguous marker of clear global warming. Sea temperature rise is of course the least complex indicator of global warming and has been on the rise (in both senses of the word!) for decades.

And the most disturbing thing I've seen so far in relation to this? An MCNBC reporter standing in front of a fifty storey skyscraper - on a Sunday morning - with ALL the lights on!!! Why? Do people work in every one of these offices at 4am on a Sunday morning? Highly unlikely. It seems the US still doesn't get what's happening, or make the links. WAKE UP!!
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