Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I'm sick of hearing politicians and even economists (who should know better) that the cure for our economic woes is - GROWTH!

Ladies and gentlemen - you are being prize twats. Growth has gone, never to return. The important thing now is managing decline. The last two hundred years have seen relentless growth. Why? Because we used our ingenuity to create technologies that would utilise the Earth's resources. But those resources are now in terminal decline, especially oil.

The future will be about realisation, adjustment, and very very slowly creating new technologies, based on renewable resources (principally wood and sunlight). Population will plummet from the current ridiculous levels to hundreds of millions. Eventually the Earth will be in balance again.

So what's our future, the next three or four generations? Probably one of great difficulty mixed with big helpings of calm. It's going to be an incredibly interesting time. There will be great opportunity for creativity. There'll be loads of wars, fought with ever decreasing technology. For a generation or two we'll see a return of conflict, heroism and excitement.

The crap we're surrounded with from the celebrity culture, socialism, nine to five misery, motorways, traffic jams, shit architecture, the elevation of stupidity will die, and far more quickly that most of us expect.

So do you still think there's room for growth you twats in 'power'??
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