Sunday, May 01, 2011

absolutely insane

We live in seriously peculiar times. Now I'd have expected a Labour government to attack allotments - all that freedom, fresh air and working class accents make them sick to their stomachs. But the tories? I'll grant that Eric Pickles looks like a 1950s cross between Humpty Dumpty and a far left northern Labour councillor, but does he have to act like one?

It seems the bulky bolshevist wants to take away the requirement that councils provide allotment spaces. WTF?? There are huge waiting lists for allotments, and they will only get longer. EVERYONE grows their own these days, and in just a few years once oil-based inputs such as fertilizer and tractors wither and die we are going to need to grow on every available square inch of land. It will be grow or die.

Churchill encouraged us to Dig for Victory. I doubt that the corpluent commie has ever even heard of him. Peak Oilers often quote Churchill - he was a man centuries ahead of his time. Growing food will become the most important thing for all of us soon enough.

And what's forecast for the abandoned allotments. Social housing! What the FUCK!

We need to be planting fruit trees everywhere NOW. Parks and open spaces need to be planted with crops NOW. Every single allotment and garden needs to be planted NOW. People need the skills, the seeds, the tools and the space to learn to grow successfully NOW.

Can't someone just puncture this Trotskyite twat with a pin?

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