Thursday, May 05, 2011

£50 fine? A bullet more like ...

They're planning to amend the littering law so that the driver of a car is responsible for the people in the car not throwing rubbish out of the windows.

About time. But you know what - some fuckers are whining that this is wrong! The classic was the mother who said she couldn't be expected to keep an eye on her kids and stop them throwing rubbish out.

Er, why on earth has she not educated her kids not to do this? What sort of people are these? Her kids should be taken into care and she should be taken out and shot. Scum.

They are only planning to fine between £50 and £80 yet some civil liberties baby was whining about the 'huge' fines.

If we want a clean country we can be proud of perhaps the law should be £1000 for a first offence, £10000 for a second and deportation for a third. We'll soon see a cleaner Britain.

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