Friday, January 11, 2008

tata to the car

So Tata in India is planning to create a 'peoples' car at around £1250. Oh dear ... there is no way that even existing car-ridden nations can keep up this pretence of private transport for all, developing nations will never know mass private transport even at £1250 for a new car. The resources aren't there, either fuel or raw materials, no matter how much we recycle them.

India should instead stay ahead of the pack and develop its fantastic railway system, build new lines, invest in more electrification and develop super quality stock for the future. And look at Maglev.

Only an idiot would even consider investing in cars in this day and age. Sell car makers, buy rail development companies (unless you want to lose billions of course). Perhaps Ratan Tata, the hippy behind this, will end up in the very slums he's hoping to free the masses from ...
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