Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jeremy Clarkson - hero

We caught Top Gear last night. What a superb programme. Jeremy and his two chums were soaring around Europe in some silly sports cars. Best bit was when they drove from Davos down to Italy, and Jeremy's genius comment about Swiss roads and scenery - 'This is too good for the Swiss. It should be ours!'

The po-faced leftist 'greens' hate Clarkson, mind you they hate everyone! To me he's a hero. He's totally uncool, his music taste would shame my dad (who thinks Snow Patrol are too raucous) and he attacks all the scared cows of the leftist 'greens' whenever possible. But he's actually using irony so sharply that it takes an age to get it, but when you do ... bang!

He's a Tony Harrison for the full bodied community. Treasure him!
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