Sunday, July 15, 2007

french connections

I try to take all but one holiday a year in the UK. This year's trip away was just over the Channel to France, or Britanny to be more precise (the Bretons are no more French than the Cornish are English). There was a touch of the English 'summer' in the air, but no rain and a few sunny days.

This is the fantastic castle at Josselin, a few kilometres from where we were staying.

This was the view in our garden across the pool to some smaller houses beyond. The pool was enthusiastically used, right up till 11pm on the Friday before we left! It was bloody cold!

The view from our lounge window.

France seems far better prepared for Peak Oil. Most of its energy is generated by nuclear power, the villages are full of life rather than braindead old brigadiers and hunter/shooter scum, it's investing heavily in modern transport (now nearly 30 cities with new tramways!) and its roads are not full of chundering old fossil lorries etc but do a real job of moving people around quickly and efficiently, even if only for a few more years.

But the French lifestyle is so superior to the English I'm surprised the whole damn country doesn't move there! Cultured, community and family orientated, slow rather than rushed ... we're off ourselves in about five years time for good. Find a nice not too isolated country property with water, some woods and a south-facing slope and we'll be well set up. Not too far south of course - the south of France will probably be unihabitable within 50 years - and on high ground!
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