Sunday, July 22, 2007

floods of crocodile tears

The Environment Agency has defended its response to the flooding and warned that climate change may mean they cannot defend people from "unpredictable" rainfall.

Yeah, we know that. What's needed, and I've said this before, is that people need to be aware that the situation is becoming more dangerous each day, that the 'freak' weather events of the last few months (from flooding in Britain, Pakistan and Australia to heatwaves in southern and central Europe) are just the start. That when a weather warning is issued - and the current floods far from being 'unexpected' as claimed by the BBC were actually forecast (on the BBC!) three days before they hit - we have to take PERSONAL responsibility to prepare for them. Why were idiots still trying to drive up the M5 on Friday night when it was under five feet of floodwater in places? Do they think that they are somehow immune from the effects of this severe weather or, worse, that it's all a bit of fun and an adventure? There again with almost half the population believing that they will be unaffected by climate change what do you expect? They are living in a dream world, made possible by oil and cheap money, and the crash is going to be enormous - possibly worse than the Great Depression. And still they buy stuff they don't need on credit and drive gleefully into fatal weather conditions, softened up by a lethal combination of Britishness and Hollywood disaster movies.
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