Saturday, February 11, 2012

turning back the socialist tide

I had the misfortune to glimpse the screaming headlines of socialist rag the Daily Mail today. Something about attacks on christianity. Good!! About fucking time ...

.... except that it turns out it's nothing of the sort. It seems that councils have been illegally including 'prayers' in their agendas even though it is banned! Yet if you read the Daily Mail it seems that 'christians' are being prevented from worshipping their invisible friends.

For fuck's sake!! No one is preventing retards from their wishful thinking nonsense. What has happened is that this drivel will no longer be forced on normal people.

Remember that 'christianity' is a foreign religion, imposed on Britain through the use of fear and violence., It has no part to play in a modern country and hopefully it will retreat to the barbaric Middle East which spawned it and where it belongs - if it belongs anywhere at all. Let the christian mullahs in Saudi Arabia continue to teach kids that the sun revolves around the earth. Who cares?

Britain has its own religion, which goes back tens of thousands of years, in fact before the earth was even 'created' according to the christians. But we don't expect non-Pagans (or Pagans) to have to take part in some sort of ritual before discussing council matters!

The Green Party used to do a thing called 'attunement' before meetings. My first act as party leader in West Sussex was to ban this ridiculous hippy practice which was clearly preventing many people from joining the party. This is the same sort of thing.

And remember, christianity is one of the five pillars of socialism, along with envy, violence, ignorance and middle-class guilt. It has no part in the modern world.

Good riddance!
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