Tuesday, June 28, 2011

never again

I thought I was dreaming this morning when I spotted the following, unbelievable, headline in the Evening Post.

'Let us smoke in pubs again'.

This is ridiculous. Life should be lived moving forwards, not backwards. The smoking ban in workplaces is there to protect employees from secondhand smoke. IT WILL ALWAYS BE THERE. From now the war against this old man's habit should be stepped up, with smoking banned in all open spaces, and within 5 years completely. It is an embarrassment that a few old men still do this, I suppose they've simply given up on life. But should a tiny minority ever have the  right to force this on others? Of course not.

Pubs have improved no end since the ban. It seems incredible now that it had ever been allowed. The pubs are now full of decent people, families, teenagers etc. Okay, we still have to (for a few more years) have to run the gauntlet of a few elderly losers in the pub entrance showing the whiole world how uncool and fucking stupid they are, but once in a pub I'd challenge anyone to say that it's not 1000% better than the old days.

So a simple message to all smokers - FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!!!!

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