Friday, March 06, 2009

custard the fucker!

Well done Plane Stupid for custarding smug hippy lefty scum Peter Mandelson, the arch twat brought in by Gordon Brown to save his skin.

The woman who did it is on telly right now, and has been given around five minutes to put the climate change message over. A true heroine - and a decent, middle class person at that.

This is a generational thing. Young people out there have a grim future thanks to idiots like Mandelson, Lenin, Thatcher, Bush, Blair and all those other lefty creeps who think they know better than scientists. They are already suffering the first Peak Oil generated depression, they've got climate change horrors to come. They should show all these old fuckers, who have probably lived the easiest and most liberal lives since we switched from being hunter-gatherers, what they think of them.

Let's hope this is the start of a great generational conflict. I suspect custard won't be the sharpest weapon used in this war! I'm off to soak John of Whitchurch right now ...
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Anonymous said...

custard for tea?

Trinity said...

custard for tea?

Birdzilla said...

PLANE STUPID are abunch of stupid annoying hippyfreak luddies with connections to that stupid group GREENPEACE

Sunshiner said...

Idiot! Plane Stupid and Greenpeace HATE each other. Greenpeace are a load of middle class hippy environmentalists, Plane Stupid are Peak Oil types. They get on like red and black ants in the same jar.

Have you been asleep the last twenty years commie?