Monday, October 20, 2008

the english seaside holiday

Brooding Burnham

Nocturnal fairground impressions

Chav family ...

We had a weekend at Pontins, Brean. No idea why, though I think it was some sort of compensation for the girls for our trip to Majorca!

Normally I find Pontins quite fun, but the chavness this time was worse than ever. Smoking, Fosters, the Sun, Bingo, faggots and chips ... what can you say?

I first did this Pontins in 1964! It rained every day, the site flooded and my chemistry set spilled and ruined my pyjamas. In 2008 I spent most of the time dosed up against a cold and waiting to come home.

What exactly is the attraction of Brean? Too cold to go near the sea, no cultural pursuits catered for, dreadful people trying to look happy. Perhaps it's a lot nicer in August, but somehow I doubt it ...

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