Friday, August 29, 2008

french lessons

The festival at Lizio. Breton music and other treats - and very chilled out.

Ploermel station. How long before the tracks return?

Josselin - lively as always.

I think this is the old railway (which continues to Ploermel and beyond) but still not sure!

A week in Brittany again. A great time despite raging sinusitis!

It still amazes me how far in advance of us France is. They will cope well with Peak Oil, though not so well with Climate Change. 80% of their power is generated by nuclear, though how long uranium will last is anyone's guess. There were plenty of wind turbines, and the roads were almost empty. Towns and villages still retain local shops, although the supermarkets are useful too! The French have invested heavily in some of their railways, the TGV in particular. Even smaller cities have brand new state of the art tramways. And their closed railways are generally protected as rights of way with reinstatement much easier than in the UK. And in many towns and villages council services have switched from internal combustion to horse and cart. Even the weather's better ...
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