Tuesday, April 29, 2008

socialist hell

I've had some fun ribbing some socialists, but what total idiots they are! Hardly suitable foes at all.

I visited, quite properly, a Facebook group that was for haters of the Daily Mail. As a 100% hater of this comic for the learning difficulties community I had every right to visit it, as do we all. But almost straight away this group seemed to be a dark lair for those dinosaurs of the 50s and 60s, the LEFTIES! What a joke.

So I mischeviously started a thread 'The right hate the Daily Mail too' and didn't I get some serious gip from the twats!

Anyway, the technique went like this. Make a bold and bald statement along the lines of 'I'm right wing' then write paragraphs basically stating the opposite and see if anyone twigs. Not one. The kneejerk reaction was to take on board the first bit then ignore the rest. No wonder these middle-class losers were so easy to control in the sixties!

There were still idiots on there talking about 'nationalising all the large industries'. Pathetic.

So I finished on a bit of Transition and you know what? These Marxist-Leninist fools put a block on me, making sure I couldn't answer or challenge their statements. Pathetic. I think that makes it 15-love to Transition!
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