Friday, January 12, 2007

delete the killer klown

So our mad 'leader' reckons that climate change will not lead to any inconvenienc to his darling luvvy middle class chums if he has any say in it.

'Tony Blair has dismissed the introduction of an aviation tax as a means of cutting carbon emissions, but environmentalist groups have criticised the PM.

In spite of calls for a tax to be considered from the opposition benches, Mr Blair threw his weight behind the cheap flights industry, saying that it would need a "fairly hefty whack” to cut the number of flights from the UK.

The prime minister told the Commons liaison committee that this was simply "unrealistic" and something that was unlikely to attract international consensus.'

Hmmmm. Remind me which of you voted for this poltroon.

Back in the real world of course what Tony and his chums think means NOTHING. There is no plan in place to develop oil-less planes - in fact it's almost certainly technologically impossible -so not just cheap flights but all flights will eventually end - and probably in 20 rather than 50 years.

Blair claimed that no politician would entertain a cut-back on cheap flights, but as a writer so succinctly pointed out in the Independent today, a statesman would!

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