Sunday, December 31, 2006

should we hang our enemies?

Whilst we're in the business of hanging everyone we don't like the look of, when will the two characters here find that they're in the spotlight?

If someone can get legally topped just for killing a few hundred thousand of their fellow citizens, how much more serious are this pair's crimes?

You see, they have all the information denied to us. They KNOW the world is heading for climate disaster, they KNOW that there is no serious substitute for oil, their so-called 'religion', christianity, allows them to lie and cheat and simply repent at the last minute to wipe out what they've done.

Whilst we're scrabbling around trying to find the next meal or shelter from the next storm, these buggers will be living in luxury with stores of food all around them. They'll shake their empty heads and whine 'we haven't done anything wrong.'

Anyway, have a great 2007, keep safe, keep making money and suppressing the forces of socialism, kick a foxhunter or two, set fire to a couple of models wearing fur and keep building up your wood and gold stocks, closing your bank accounts, get fit and strong and don't buy crap music!

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